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Race Tracking For:
  • Farr 40
  • Melges 32
  • J105
  • Swan 42
  • M30 (Mumm30)

If you are interested in bringing Kattack to your regatta or club contact Tom.Verburgt@Kattack.com

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Free - Download The Kattack Race Player To Watch The First Key West Races.

Kattack will provide race tracking for Acura Key West 2008, presented by Nautica, January 21st to 25th. Last year’s 2007 event drew 260 boats from 20 countries and 17 classes. Five fabulous race days marked the 20th anniversary of this renowned international regatta. Steady 10-14 knot winds, sunny skies, temperatures in the 80s, and relatively flat water off the Conch Republic, welcomed over 2,800 sailors. 

Kattack will capture the action for five fleets: Melges 32, J/105, Farr 40, M30 and Swan 42. Boats from these fleets will be tracked and the races will be available at the end of each day. View all the races with the Kattack Race Player for a $19.95 one-time fee.  The M30 races will be available for no charge.

     View The Races With The Kattack Race Player - $19.95

If you want to view just the first races of the regatta, there is no charge.  To view the races of the regatta follow these instructions:

  1. Register and Login
  2. Purchase the Key West Races for $19.95Buy The Races At The EStore
  3. To view the purchased races use the Free Kattack Player. Download the Free Kattack Race Player
  4. Start the Kattack Race Player from the Windows Start Menu
  5. When financial transaction is complete, press "My Races" to update the race list.

    Special Discount

Kattack is extending a discount for access to all the past races and future races for the next year for $69.95. This is regularly $99.95 annually. The special discount code is KWDISCOUNT. Click "Buy All The Races" and enter the discount code.
Buy All The Races at the EStore

    Sunday Seminar - "Champions' View of Winning Tactics"

On Sunday, January 20th, from 4pm to 5pm (before the Skippers’ Meeting) a panel of experts will be conducting a seminar utilizing Kattack race replays. Andreas Josenhans, of North Sails, will MC the expert panel. They will review and comment on several start and gate rounding situations from Acura Key West 2007 as recorded by the Kattack system. The race situations will include the Farr 40, Melges 32, and J/105 fleets. The seminar will be held under the Race Week Tent.

    Melges 32 Owners Meeting

The Melges 32 Class Association will conduct its annual owners meeting at ACURA Key West 2008. The gathering will be held on Tuesday, January 22 at 5:30 p.m. at the Melges hospitality area — at the big tent. Kattack will provide Melges 32 Race Replay for the owners.

    Regatta Results



Watch the Melges 32 Races with the Kattack Race Player

Melges Performance Sailboats—the world leader in scow and sport boat technology—is a Kattack sponsor for race tracking at Acura Key West 2008 . Melges engineers and manufactures high-performance one-design sailboats including the Melges 32, 24, A Scow, E Scow, C Scow, 17, MC Scow and X Boat. (www.Melges.com)

M30 Class Association (formerly Mumm 30) has sponsored the Kattack Race Player and the M30 races will be available online for no charge.

    About Kattack

Two software developers and avid sailors, Tom Verburgt and Steve Palm, started Kattack in 2005. It’s the proverbial idea on a napkin story. Over lunch, the two men decided it would be really cool to develop a way to track sailboats during a race and replay it for all to see afterwards. Their goals were to make it affordable and easy to use for all sailboat-racing venues—yacht clubs, sailing schools, college programs, coaches and regattas.  Today, Kattack is used globally and is well respected as the leading every day, sailboat race playback solution.

For more information about Acura Key West 2008 race tracking:

Steve.Palm@Kattack.com (mobile) 612-839-7289


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