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Download Requirements
  1. Your browser must support Microsoft "ClickOnce" technology for a successful install. If you have problems, please make Internet Explorer your default browser.
  2. The player requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 to be installed on your computer. If it is not installed, the Race Player will attempt to install it. You will need administrative privileges on your PC to install .NET 2.0. If .NET 2.0 is already installed, you do not need administrative privileges.
  3. The installation of Microsoft .NET 2.0 is lengthy.  Please be patient.  This is a one-time task.  When new versions of the Race Player are released, you will not need to download the .NET 2.0 again.
  4. If the player does not install completely after .NET 2.0 is installs, please try a second time. We have seen intermittent problems with the .NET install.
  5. The player automatically keeps you updated to the latest version. Each time you start the player, it checks for a newer version and automatically installs it if one exists.

If you need assistance with the download or running the player, please send a request for help to support@Kattack.com

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